Why are Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls Famous?

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The word ‘Pashmina’ is a symbol of warmth, luxury, and ultimate comfort. As per the literal meaning of the ‘Pashm’ which means soft gold, Pashmina shawls remain soft and cozy on the skin. This makes Pashmina an incredible elite and classy choice for people around the world. If you are wondering why this wrap is […]

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Pashmina Shawl : The Art of Kashmir

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The enshrined treasure of Kashmir, the symbol of luxury and timeless grace, love and desire of every woman around the world, ……!! The list of adjectives is endless when we talk about the exclusive art of Pashmina! An age-old reputation of being the best and the most exclusive art all over the world is what […]

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Everything You Want to Know About Pashmina

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Pashmina is one of the finest quality wool available on Earth, and it is the most refined version of cashmere. The diameter of the Pashmina fibres is between 12 & 15 microns, while cashmere wool also includes a diameter between 16 & 19 microns. The fact that Pashmina wool is obtained during a specific period […]

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