The Second Fashion Show Ended with Great Success

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Angad Creations' collection was showcased Indian Designer Fashion Show, held at Roseate House, New Delhi, on December 26, 2021. India Designer Show aims to bring the elements of luxury, sophistication, and opulence of today’s global fashion life on one platform. The second edition of this designer show was a grand success with some exciting line-up [...]
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Mary Ann Kennedy Styled Black Embroidered Coat by Angad Creations at BBC ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards Show

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Mary Ann Kennedy Styled a Kashmiri Embroidered Black Coat at BBC ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards which is Scotland’s Traditional Music Awards Show. The event celebrates those who have influenced the traditional music scene this year. The Trads is a platform for some fantastic performances, coupled with the emotion and excitement that comes with an awards […]

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The Splendid Handicrafts of Kashmir

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Kashmir, the exquisite of the name reflects the splendour of the natural beauty and the wonder of hand-crafted artforms. Srinagar has been a cultural hub for centuries. From being the centre for merchants from Afghan, Persia and the middle east, the gratitude of influence reflected through the art and culture is exceptional. Subtleties of Papier […]

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Fashion’s Top Colour Trends for Summer, Spring 2021

In terms of fashion and style, colour is one of the first elements that grab people’s utmost attention. It has the endowment to excite every type of feeling. And, when it comes to the summer season, there are infinite colours available that can attract everybody's attention & bring them closer to the runway of the [...]
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