The Splendid Handicrafts of Kashmir

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Kashmir, the exquisite of the name reflects the splendour of the natural beauty and the wonder of hand-crafted artforms. Srinagar has been a cultural hub for centuries. From being the centre for merchants from Afghan, Persia and the middle east, the gratitude of influence reflected through the art and culture is exceptional. Subtleties of Papier […]

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Fashion’s Top Colour Trends for Summer, Spring 2021

In terms of fashion and style, colour is one of the first elements that grab people’s utmost attention. It has the endowment to excite every type of feeling. And, when it comes to the summer season, there are infinite colours available that can attract everybody's attention & bring them closer to the runway of the [...]
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Things You Must Know About Kashmiri Aari


Kashmir’s embroidery is as pretty as its culture and scenery, with a unique history. The embroideries of Kashmir are as awe-inspiring as the lush green landscapes. The wonderful skill of Kashmiri embroidery is as much adored as the modern Muslim lifestyle and traditions of Kashmir. Kashmiri Aari is one of the old-fashioned forms of embroidery […]

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Everything You Want to Know About Pashmina

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Pashmina is one of the finest quality wool available on Earth, and it is the most refined version of cashmere. The diameter of the Pashmina fibres is between 12 & 15 microns, while cashmere wool also includes a diameter between 16 & 19 microns. The fact that Pashmina wool is obtained during a specific period […]

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The Hottest Fashion of Oscars 2020

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1. Kaitlyn Dever Kaitlyn Dever’s strapless beaded red gown by Louis Vuitton and plain red shawl showed one of the best fashions on the red carpet. Perfect for a glamorous evening.   Embed from Getty Images 2. Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson’s body-hugging silky strapless gown showed her allurement nature. The gown was further highlighted with […]

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