Since the leaves of autumn have begun to diffuse and winter is about to begin, now is the time to shop for winter apparel. If you are looking for a warm and comfortable piece of garment that can also make you look classy and chic, then the Pashmina shawl is an ideal choice for you.

A Kashmiri Shawl not only excels in keeping you cozy in winter but also makes you look exquisitely graceful. If you are wondering what makes this fabric so famous around the world, then let us know the top reasons for its exceeding popularity.


The finest Pashmina is taken from a rare Pashmina goat, that resides in the high mountain areas of Nepal and across India. It takes more than three goats to make hair for one pashmina shawl. Pashmina cashmere is a fabric obtained from a Himalayan Mountain goat that lives at a high altitude of more than 15,000 ft. Since these goats could survive such colder climates with the help of their wool, it becomes obvious that the quality of the wool is going to be incredibly superior. This is why the Pashmina shawl price is more than the regular woollen shawl.

Incredible softness

A Pashmina shawl remains gentle and soft on the skin, adding a sense of luxury to your life. The word ‘pashmina’ is taken from the word ‘pashm’, which means ‘inner layer of hair. As the literal meaning suggests, pashmina is the softest material ever. Where human hair is around 70 microns in thickness, cashmere is only 12 & 15 microns. This means that pashmina cashmere is about five-six times finer than human hair.


If a chilly breeze has been troubling you over the years and warmth is all you are aiming for this season, buying a Pashmina shawl is the best treat you can give to yourself. Pashmina has insulation properties that trap the heat inside and do not let the cool air enter your body. Ideal for sudden temperature changes, a Pashmina shawl can help you sail through a full-fledged winter season.


One of the most prominent reasons for the never-ending popularity of the pashmina shawl is its stylish and delicate patterns. The artisans of Kashmir craft these shawls in a myriad of colours and designs such as floral embroidery, luxury Kani shawls, Tilla and hand Jaal embroidery, Chinar both work, Papier Mache Jama hand embroidery, Kalamkari hand embroidery, and many more such timeless creations.

These versatile wraps are perfect for semi-formal, informal, and casual occasions. You can wear elegant embroidered red shawls at weddings, casual get-togethers, and parties. For formal occasions, purchase a simple shawl with minimal work in a pastel shade. You can also buy these shawls for gifting purposes.


Since it is handcrafted, no two pashmina shawl styles can ever be the same. You get a wide spectrum of shades and infinite designs to select one.


The Pashmina shawl is an investment that lasts for ages. In Kashmir, the brides carry their mothers’ shawls to their new homes as a part of their legacy. Many women have been using the same Pashmina shawl for 30 and more years, exuding the same grace and finesse. If taken proper care of, Pashmina wraps can stand the test of time. Hand-wash the Shawl in cold water with a mild cleaner and let it air dry naturally (do not twist the wet shawl).

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