The Phiran, a long robe, has been a significant part of Kashmir’s traditional wear which is now popularly worn in other parts of the country too. In the 15th century, the Kashmiri community started wearing Phiran extending down to their feet. However, the modern version of Phiran is usually a knee-length loose and flowy garment, adorned with intricate traditional embroidery.

This warm and long cloak is made from different materials but the most common one is wool. Modish designer Phirans are made in other exquisite materials such as Velvet Phiran. The bewitching and detailed Kashmiri embroidery like Aari work, Jaal work, Tilla work, Zari work, etc. make the Phiran more enticing. To buy an exclusive piece for yourself, explore a stunning and classy range of Kashmiri Phiran online at Angad Creations.

Let us know how a designer Phiran can elevate your fashion quotient this winter season.

Keeps you warm

The phiran is made of pure wool which traps the heat inside and keeps the wearer warm and cozy. However, other materials are also used for making modern-day designer Phirans. Since Phiran is a winter wear apparel, it is ensured that the material used in Phiran provides warmth and comfort in chilly weather.

Makes you look stylish

Whether you pick a long phiran falling to your feet or a shorter version till your knees, the Phiran never ceases to exude glamour and style! With intricate handcrafted bright floral multicolour embroidery, the garment looks more intense and pleasing to the eyes.

An excellent option for winter designer wear

Most women are upset about the fact that the winter season offers a limited choice of fashion apparel. They are bored of wearing regular jackets, capes, and pullovers all through the winter season. Especially in a traditional or ethnic function, they lack designer wear options. With Phiran coming back to the fashion world as a designer silhouette, it has become a perfect choice for winter parties and get-togethers.

Offers variety

Phirans have been offering enormous variety in terms of material, work, and designs like never before. The embroidery such as Tilla work and Ari Hand-Embroidered Phiran provides an authentic Kashmiri touch to the garment. If you want a more embellished work, then Jaal Paisley embroidery done all over the Phiran is the finest choice to make. If you want to stick to the minimal look, then choose pure woollen phirans having Aari embroidery only at the collars or neckline.

Due to the unique look and incredible comfort of the phiran, it has become popular fashion apparel even outside of Kashmir. The garment matches your modern as well as traditional fashion needs. Pair it up with jeans and sneakers to create a contemporary look or with a salwar or palazzo to stick to the roots!