Pashmina Collection

Plain & textures

Plain Pashmina

A plain wrap with an elegant drape.
A perfect combo of warmth and class.

Plain Reversible

A wrap woven in two different colours reversed to each other. Keep yourself warm in two different colours.

Zari Reversible

A plain shawl woven with zari to give the wrap a formal touch. Get warm and ready for the party.


Stripes and checks are never out of fashion and pashmina adds elegant drape to them.

Texture Reversible

Match your pashmina wrap according to your mood. Simple with Plain or Smart with textures.

Zari Reversible Textures

Zari Reversible textures for when you want to dress formally in light-weight.


Woven in a zebra pattern. Simple yet stylish.

Space Dye

A shawl woven with threads dyed in multiple colours, creating a unique modern patterns.

Space Dye Reversible

With modern age comes the modern trends. These Pashmina shawls are more than trendy for pairing it up with the western wears, giving you a contemporary feel with the same legacy pashmina.

Space Dye Zari Reversible

Versatile wraps developed with single thread dyed in multiple colours and reversed with zari to add the formal touch.


Pashmina woven with different coloured threads creating an elegant design pattern on the wrap.


Versatile wraps developed for the millennials, gen-X & gen-Y, to keep them warm and stylish enough to carry and match with any attire.

Embroidered Collection


A Pashmina Shawl that is the clear evidence of artistry. This Intricate piece can end up taking months to weave by an expert artisan. This is simply for blue-blooded modern-day Aristocrat.


A versatile piece of Craft that can be paired with poise with an evening gown. You are sure to turn a few heads with this unprecedented riot of colours.


The Eternal classic that, on no occasion, fails to impress. Known for its Flawless Kashmiri Embroidery meticulously complimenting the Pashmina, a Jamawar is undeniably a must-have in any wardrobe.


The most exquisite piece of Pashmina wrap is made with sozni embroidery. These Pashmina Shawls are made by the finest of the craftsman, and embroidery stitches are so fine that sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between the front side and backside. It has an inimitable level of detailing.


The most opulent form of the embroidered shawl is the Pure Pashmina Zari. It is known for its Royalty since the Mughal age. This Gold/Piece of Jewel is a must-have.


Pashmina wraps depicting a scene of royal Mughals and a shikar (prey). These shawls show the extensive imagination of the art of the craftsmen.


Crafted in Splendour Pashminas and expertly styled with hand-painted designs on fabric, the collection is truly for the connoisseurs of art and luxury. These patterns are furthermore highlighted with intricate hand-embroidery making each of these pieces a real work of art.

Fusion Embroideries

Different types of Kashmiri embroideries fused to create an excellent traditional wrap with added class.
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