For grand events like a wedding reception or festival, Saree seems to be the obvious choice. When it comes to purchasing a saree, there are galore of options. Out of all the diverse choices, an ostentatious yet elegant option is a Kashmiri Silk Saree. An exquisitely designed and lavishly embroidered saree in Kani, Jaal Aari, Sozni, Tilla, and fusion work promises a spectacular look.

So, if you wish to buy artistic apparel for yourself to don at a wedding or a festival, then consider a Kashmiri Saree.

Kashmiri Silk Saree

An authentic Kashmiri saree is made in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir by skilled artisans. A Kashmiri Silk Saree is characterized by exotic embroidery, premium material, and distinctive pattern. Known for the intricate embroidery and delicate weave, Kashmiri Silk Sarees are made using fine and lightweight fabrics.

The design excellence and intricate weaving pattern make this garment revered by women from worldwide.

Why Kashmiri Silk Sarees are an ideal choice for Weddings and Festivals?

When there is extravagance all around in a wedding or festive event, the signature embroidery and unique design pattern of the Kashmiri Silk Saree will provide a ‘stand out’ look to you. These sarees are crafted in an array of splendid colours and patterns like maroon, sea green, deep blue, white, etc. For a day wedding, go for lighter shades of lemon yellow, light green, ice blue, etc. For a wedding night, prefer deeper hues like maroon, gold, navy, black, etc. These magnificent hues combined with elaborate motifs will surely upscale your glamor quotient and ensure an enjoyable event.

Adorned with many decorative elements, you can pair up the Kashmiri embroidery saree with a contrasting blouse. Enhance your fashion statement by using a beauteous saree pin, chic waistband, and finish off your look with matching jewelry.

Kashmiri Silk Sarees by Angad Creations

Available in subtle as well as rich and vibrant colors, Angad Creations offer a variety of embroidery techniques and a range of embellishments. Kashmiri Silk Sarees from the Angad collections are made from high-quality silk yarn to ensure a luxurious and plush feel to the wearer.

The sarees like Modal Silk Kani Saree With Floral Pattern and Pure Silk Pastel Jaal Aari Embroidered Kashmiri Saree are a symbol of royalty and class. If you are looking for a more detailed work, then go for Pure Silk Saree with Gold Tilla Embroidery  or Long Paisley Full Jaal Embroidered Saree.

Other specimens of exclusive and fine craftsmanship include Wine Modal Silk Kani Saree With Wildlife Pattern, Yellow and Pink Modal Silk Kani Saree, and Bottle Green Modal Silk Kani Saree.

Adorn yourself in an extremely comfortable and graceful Kashmiri silk saree at a wedding or festival and radiate an aura of splendor!