Kashmiri Silk Sarees are a pinnacle of elegance. Their silky texture, exclusive embroidery, smooth finish, rich look, lightweight fabric, and many more aspects can make you exude luxury, glamour, and class! Though the Kashmiri saree never fails to carry an air of sophistication and dignity, consider adding inventiveness and modernization by styling it in a different way altogether!

Kashmiri Silk Saree: Styling Tips

One of the most common questions that pop up in the minds of many women is regarding the styling of this traditional wear. They always scout for some for the state of the art methods to make their look stand out. If you also want to add a bit of a twist to your traditional saree and make all the heads turn to you, then here we suggest the best ways to style your original Kashmiri silk sarees.


One way to add oomph to any outfit is to pair it up with the right accessories. Picking the right jewellery with your latest Kashmiri silk saree is essential to enhance the overall charm. Consider trending antique and oxidized jewellery to elevate the grandeur of your Kashmiri Saree a tad more. Other than adding matching jewellery with your saree, consider adding a belt to your saree look. Believe it or not, this look has transformed the Indian fashion industry overnight. Wearing a belt over the saree adds vivacity and will not fail to create an ultra-style statement for you.

Distinct draping style

Consider distinctively draping your Saree to capture an iconic look! One of the looks you can try is the pant-style drape. Sarees can be draped in this modern way. The best part is that, other than creating a look to admire and remember, it is also easy and comfortable to carry. You can remain assured that this look will give you a contemporary and offbeat appearance. Another trendy style is to drape the saree in the lehenga style. Many celebrities and designers are already promoting this look on the ramps. This draping style is easy to ace and best for an ostentatious look.

Statement blouse design

Flaunting a statement blouse with your Kashmiri Silk Saree can add zing to your outfit. A jacket blouse can augment your silk saree grace. You can pair your saree with a silk blouse designed like a jacket in a similar or contrasting shade. To heighten this look and make it a success, add a dash of confidence by shopping with Angad Creations.

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Compliment your personality

While it is imperative to explore and experiment to create a sassy look, it is also important to ensure that the chosen saree complements your personality. The Kashmiri silk sarees collection is huge and offers a plethora of choices. There is a range of embroidery work, material, and colour options to choose from. Aari Jaal, Chinar Jaal, Tilla work, Zari, Kani, Papier Mache, and more are some stunning options. Pick a heavy or lightweight fabric, a dark-coloured saree or a light-shaded one, an embellished or simple work, etc., that suits best with your personality.

Saree can be styled in many different ways and can still give you an exclusive look every time! Try the above-listed tips to enhance the beauty of your Kashmiri silk saree even more. Also, check out the latest collection of Kashmiri work sarees online at Angad Creations.