A contemporary Kaftan kurta, version 2.0 to a traditional floor-length Kaftan, has been fascinating to the world with its glamour and exquisiteness. Kaftans are adored for their breezy design and loose-fitting unique style. This easy-to-wear garment offers extreme comfort and breathability to women, making the silhouette a significant part of their daily clothing.

Kaftan Kurta

The flattering and freely-flowing attire has swept millions of hearts away. With a Kaftan, you are sure to impress everyone around and turn their heads forever on you. A kaftan suits various occasions, but is considered ideal for casual gatherings.

Let us explore the reasons why a Kaftan Kurta is a perfect match for Casual Outings.

Keeps you comfortable all the day

A kaftan kurta is a knee-length garment that has long, loose and flowy sleeves. This loose dress was originally worn by men and women in the Middle East as a robe. Kaftans kept them cool and comfortable in the scorching heat of the day. Similarly, even today the Kaftans have preserved their comfort and the wearer’s vouch for the ease and relaxation the apparel offers, on a casual day of outing!

Offers a Stunning variety

Kaftans are available in a variety of materials such as silk, cotton, velvet, and more. Some kaftans are sewn in royal and luxurious fabrics. If you want to try something exotic and exclusive for a special casual gathering, then buy Kaftan Kurta in Kashmiri embroidery. The options such as Velvet Kashmiri Tilla embroidery Kaftan, Tie and Dye Georgette Kaftan Kurti with Kashmiri Aari and Tilla Embroidery, and Grey Kashmiri Kaftan with Turquoise Aari Embroidery are a must-have for parties.

Exudes luxury

Wearing a kaftan was considered a privilege in ancient times. Till today, the Kaftans have not failed to carry forward its legacy. Right from the Ottoman Sultans of Turkey to the modish women of today, Kaftans enjoy reverence and adoration from the entire society. Still regarded as worthy and prized clothing attire, wear a kaftan kurta at a Casual Diwali party or on a movie date with your special someone!

Helps you create a statement

Since the time Kaftan returned to the contemporary fashion world, it is only becoming increasingly popular. Those who wish to flaunt a classy and chic outfit in a casual get-together must aim to wear a stellar piece of Kaftan Kurti.

Looks good on all body types

Kaftans look great on every woman, irrespective of her shape and size. Wearing a tie and dye Kaftan exhibiting a striking Kashmiri embroidery artwork can create an incredibly flattering appearance on a festive occasion. Consider adding a matching belt with the Kaftan Kurta to create a boho chic look.

Kaftans are available in a myriad of designs, fabrics, and hues. If you want a high-end designer kaftan kurta, then visit the Angad Creations Kaftan page and explore embroidery kaftan for ladies. These exceptionally versatile and comfortable garments deserve to be part of your wardrobe !