In today’s world, the meaning of fashion has evolved. It is no more restricted to flaunting dainty and stylish patterns but equally about comfort and originality. Fashion is not just about creating a style statement or showing off your designer apparel, but also about expressing your personality.

If you are also a fashion follower who is abreast with the trending clothing in the market, then you would have observed the rising craze for Nehru Jackets among the youth. Though this sophisticated and enduring Indian wear is not something new but has garnered immense respect and adoration recently. These Jackets not only make you look regal and rich but also add boldness to your personality.

So, if you are yet to add a garment to your wardrobe which is a perfect balance of tradition and contemporary look and is also profusely easy to manage, then Nehru Jacket is the best option for you!

Why Nehru jacket?

To accentuate the look of your regular shirt, add Nehru Jacket to your attire. The beauty of this garment is that it has the potential of transforming your regular clothing into a fashionable one. If you are worried that it will end up embellishing the look more than required, then don’t worry as Nehru Jackets exude simplicity and soberness. This makes the apparel the best fit for party events as well as semi-casual events such as birthday parties, small get-togethers, weddings, etc.

There are Formal Nehru Jackets too suited for more formal settings such as corporate events, and more. For a classic look, pair it with the same colour pants and a white shirt. Wear formal shoes for a perfect look.

One of the best parts about the Nehru Jacket is that it is a versatile clothing option. You can pair it up with a T-shirt and Jeans or Kurta Pyjama or a Churidar.

The most revered thing about Nehru Jacket is that it is one garment that is simple to wear and comfortable to carry. Light in weight and a minimalistic design makes the apparel a convenient choice for all.

First designed back in the 1940s, only the people with high social stature wore Nehru Jackets or ‘Bandh Gale ka Coat’. Post-independence, the Nehru jacket became more famous and every Indian aspired to make it a part of their wardrobe. With recent innovations in the Nehru jacket such as bolder hues, short length, and distinct cuts and buttons, the jacket has again become a talk of the town!

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