Everything You Want to Know About Pashmina

Pashmina is one of the finest quality wool available on Earth, and it is the most refined version of cashmere. The diameter of the Pashmina fibres is between 12 & 15 microns, while cashmere wool also includes a diameter between 16 & 19 microns. The fact that Pashmina wool is obtained during a specific period of the year from Pashmina goats (Chagra), who only produce between 80-170 grams every year, this wool is difficult to find​.

One can find these goats only in high altitudes of Ladakh region​. ​To withstand the freezing climate of the Himalayan winter​, ​which can drop to as low as -25°C, the goats produce fine, but strong undercoats between the throat & belly. The wool is only harvested during the summer by brushing the Pashmina goat to gather the longer & softer hair, the finest found on the lower part of the neck and the belly. These fibres are washed and sorted and then finally routed to Srinagar in the Kashmir valley, the only region in the world to master the delicate art of weaving Pashmina.

Pashmina’s Functional Benefits

● Very Warm

● Soft and lofty fibres with a natural crimp

● Fabrics and knits are lightweight, thin and breathable

● Adjusts to humidity in the air for adaptability in all cold climates

● Luxurious fabric with an elegant drape

Pashmina Styles/Designs

Apart from plain solid and texture weaves Pashmina also comes with a hand embroidered and woven designs for people who love to style and are fashion conscious, to add a mesmerizing appeal to their outfit.

Kani​: A Pashmina wrap with a richly woven design

Papier-Mâché​: Papier-mâché style is a decorative embroidery – rich in colour

Sozni​: A very intricate embroidery with super fine stitches – made in

single/complementary colour(s) with a distinctive and lustrous effect

Kalamkari​: A Pashmina wrap with s hand-painted design which is further

accentuated with intricate hand-embroidery – making each of these pieces a pure work of art

Misconceptions about Pashmina Wraps

In the west, many people are unaware of the fine Pashmina wool (finest cashmere). Some sellers often deceive the customers by selling cheap fabric scarves and refer them as Pashmina scarves. We are briefing a few misconceptions below.

– Pashmina is fine wool the finest fleece is only available in the Ladakh region of India.

– Pashmina wraps and scarves don’t consist of silk, and they don’t have a silky appearance

– Getting the fleece from Pashmina goats does not involve animal harm or killing. People comb goats to get naturally shed hair.

– Pashmina wraps don’t pass through a finger ring, it is Shahtoosh shawls, which are thin enough to pass through a ring, (Shahtoosh is a banned product as it involves animal killing). However, there are a lot of Chinese products these days which also pass through the ring, so be careful.

How to care for your Pashmina?

A few easy techniques can help you to care in the right way and preserve it for years to come.

– Steam Ironing Recommended after every two wear to avoid pilling

– Professional Dry Clean or you can even wash it with hands in cold water with proper technique

– Store it in a moist free or ventilated area. Your wardrobe is the best place

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Pashmina Goat Combing

Combing of Pashmina Goat

Plain Pashmina Shawl

Finished Pashmina Shawl