Mary Ann Kennedy Styled Black Embroidered Coat by Angad Creations at BBC ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards Show

Mary Ann Kennedy Styled a Kashmiri Embroidered Black Coat at BBC ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards which is Scotland’s Traditional Music Awards Show. The event celebrates those who have influenced the traditional music scene this year. The Trads is a platform for some fantastic performances, coupled with the emotion and excitement that comes with an awards ceremony.

Hosted by broadcasters Mary Ann Kennedy and Alistair Heather

Mary Ann Kennedy, a Musician, Singer, Writer, Brewer, and Gael, grew up in the southside of Glasgow, in a city rich in languages and cultures, and as part of Scottish Gaels’ biggest urban diaspora. She is known for her whole musical experience and passion, with various live formats capable of communicating this, whether as an intimate duo or as full-scale performance, engaging audiences with Gaelic songs of real people in the here and now, all delivered with her trademark quirky sense of humour.

Mary Ann Kennedy looked very stunning and received many compliments for the look. A lot of people also asked her where she got it from:

We hope she keeps on celebrating music and spreading positivity.


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Mary Ann Kennedy
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Photography Credits: Chris Watt
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