The turtles and bumblebees have begun hibernating. The temperature has started dipping as the winter draws closer! It is the right time to prep your winter wardrobe, including comfortable and warm apparel. While choosing winter essentials that keep you cosy this winter, it is also essential to ensure that you pick something voguish and stylish.

While selecting a combination of fascinating looks and comfort may sound challenging, it makes sense to get inspired by the Kashmiris, who have always managed winter vibes like a pro. A warm and fashionable Phiran has been their traditional winter dress for decades. Buying an authentic and chic cloak embellished with intricate embroidery from the valley must also be on your cards!

Styling a Phiran

The phiran has always been a fundamental part of Kashmiri attire for ages. It supersedes every other outfit when saving yourself from the harshest winter months. This piece of clothing not just shields the wearer from the biting cold but also promises an evergreen charm.

Here are the Phiran styling tips for you. 

Choosing the fabric

Traditionally, the phiran was made of pure wool. Due to the rise in popularity, where people worldwide love this silhouette, the designers have started offering the garment in many different fabrics. Besides soft wool and coarse fabrics, one of the best material choices is velvet.

Pick your favourite embroidery

From a plain cloak to beautifully embroidered fashion apparel, phiran seems to have evolved tremendously! The phiran is adored for its delicate embellishments and exquisite art form. The splendour of striking Kashmiri embroideries such as Tilla and Aari work makes the clothing exude luxury and elegance. While Tilla is more suited for flaunting a heavy look during a festive night, the Aari work is perfect for exhibiting panache on casual days and gatherings. Even Jaal Paisley embroidery is quite popular with a different fan base. Some phirans are embroidered on the collars, while others have it all over.

Colour options

The colours in which Phirans are designed to have also contributed to its transition. Earlier, winters were associated with grey skies and darker shades such as blacks and browns. The new generation surpassed such beliefs and found happiness in bright and trending colours like green, maroon, yellow, and several shades of blue. Whether you want to stick to the classy dark hues or give colour to the gloomy season, Phirans has loads of colour options.

Pair it up with 

If you are wondering what to pair your phiran with, then again, you have a plethora of options. For comfort and style, nothing beats wearing phiran with straight pants. For a traditional look, leggings with phiran will make you look fab. An ideal way to balance tradition and modernity is to wear your phiran with denim.

The exotic look and nature of the phiran make it a revered piece of clothing in all parts of the country. The garment matches both contemporary as well traditional fashion choices. Explore a range of Phiran at