If you want to upscale the look of your bedroom and make it look profusely stylish, then one thing that deserves the most of your attention is choosing the right bedsheet. Your bedcover choice can make or break the look of the entire room. A bedsheet that is made of premium quality material, has designer looks, can remain comfortable on the skin, and compliments your bedroom style is all you need to aspire for!

Let us provide you with some insights that can help you shop for a nice bed cover.

Choosing Bed Cover

After you are done selecting the wall colours and flooring type, you need to focus on the bedding to ensure that the room has a unified look. Here are some tips to keep in mind while exploring bed covers online.

Match the theme

One of the most common approaches that people draw their inspiration from is the overall theme of the bedroom. Have you decorated your bedroom in the traditional or contemporary style? If you are open to adding opulence to your room, then choose intricately embroidered bedsheets portraying the excellent craftsmanship of the Kashmiri artisans. For a heavily embellished look, then bed covers like Raw Silk Bed Cover with Floral Vine Embroidery and Red Raw Silk Bed Cover with Silk Thread Floral Embroidery will work for you. For more subtle choices, Grey Raw Silk Bed Cover with Kashida Floral Aari Embroidery or Beige Raw Silk Bed Cover with Kashida Floral Aari Jaal Embroidery are great.

Get inspired by the existing upholstery

Have you chosen a light pastel-coloured curtain or a dark and ostentatious colour like maroon and bottle green? Considering the curtain shade is a perfect match for your bed cover, you can pick a few suiting the existing hue. You can also pick the bed cover based on the colours and make of windows, closet doors, and furniture.

What are the Room Dimensions?

Room size also plays an important role in determining the bed cover choice. The smaller bedrooms must carry bedding that is lighter in colour. Since the bed is the largest piece of furniture that occupies the most space, a lighter hue will make the space appear more expansive. Darker shades for a smaller room will make it appear smaller. You can pick up a light colour in a range of design patterns and it will not go wrong. Likewise, in the large bedrooms, you can go for bolder and darker prints. Though you can choose both colours and patterns, break the ‘rule’, and create an amazingly unique décor!

Exude Exclusiveness

Want to create a one-of-a-kind look? Instead of choosing regular printed cotton and linen bedcovers, why not choose something as exclusive as a Kashmiri Bed Cover? There is a range of embroidery or work options on high-quality materials like silk and velvet. Kashida Floral Aari Embroidery, Silk Thread Barfi Embroidery, Chinar pattern Aari Embroidery, Kashmiri Tilla Embroidery, Paisley Boteh, Floral Aari Jaal Embroidery Outlined with Tilla, etc. are some of the majestic choices of bed covers style.

Do try these tips and see whether they work for you. If you are looking to augment your bedroom décor with elite bed covers, then select from a wide range of bedcovers online at Angad Creations.

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