6 yards of pure grace and elegance – this is how we can define an embroidered Kashmiri saree You can consider wearing an exquisite and beautiful Kashmiri saree with elaborate embroidery at a wedding or any festive occasion. Due to the distinct artwork, unparalleled beauty, and intricate weaving pattern of the Kashmiri saree, these are adored by women across the globe.

Once you decide to buy this artistic apparel for yourself or for gifting to special someone, it is essential to be mindful of certain know-how.

How to identify a pure Kashmiri embroidered saree?

Authentic Kashmiri sarees are crafted by the artisans of Jammu and Kashmir. A Kashmiri saree is an exemplary choice due to its signature embroidery. These sarees are embellished with Aari work, Sozni work, and Tilla sarees in traditional design patterns like chinar leaves.

Where to buy authentic Kashmiri sarees from?

To buy pure Kashmiri sarees online, trust only genuine Kashmiri retailers. Though there are a plethora of online Kashmiri saree sellers if you want to make the best choice, explore none other than Angad Creations. Angad Creations aim to provide you with only the best quality material with their exquisitely designed contemporary collection of embroidered sarees. They offer a vast range of choices such as Kani, Jaal Aari, Sozni, fusion work and Kashmiri Tilla work sarees to suit occasional as well as formal wear.

How to choose one from many?

With an extraordinary range of colours and patterns available in Kashmiri embroidery saree from sea green to the most alluring shades of blue, it can become challenging to pick one. While choosing your saree, consider a few factors. One of the things to ascertain is to choose the colour as per the time of the event. If it is a day event, go for lighter hues like yellow, green, and pastel shades. For an evening, pick darker shades of maroon, gold, Fuschia, etc. Also, choose the colour and pattern as per your skin tone and body type, respectively.

Are these Sarees worth it?

Since these Sarees are quite expensive, if you are wondering whether it is worth buying these, then you must know that these sarees offer the best value for money. They are long-lasting and durable, and hence worth the money.

At Angad Creations, there is a wide range of stunning sarees in mesmerizing hues and motifs to celebrate an auspicious event. Explore their collection and pick one as per your taste and requirements.