Other than the beautiful landscape and panoramic view, the valley of Kashmir is also known for its biting cold winters. But the Kashmiri women never gave up the idea of looking beauteous and creating a statement with their signature fashion trend. They always upheld their inclination to follow the trending fashion norm and have been sporting their ‘Phiran look’ in a plethora of the latest and unique designs as well as materials.

The demand for this exclusive and rich garment ‘Phiran’ is no more restricted to Kashmir. People from around the world wish to include Phiran in their closets. They like the idea of wearing a long dress, embellished with unique Kashmiri embroidery, and surviving the cold breeze like a pro.

If you have never worn a Phiran, then it is time to own one and beat the winter chills fashionably. Let us know how you can create a classy look with a stylish Phiran.

Enhancing style quotient with Phiran

The traditional Kashmiri winter apparel, ‘Phiran’ is in great demand for its comfort, warmth, and style! This ensemble not just keeps the wearer warm and cozy in the teeth-chattering weather, but also allows the person to exude flair and grandeur.

Here is how you can ensure a ‘stand out’ appearance in a Phiran.

1. Explore your favourite colour

Phiran is available in a range of different hues. If you are looking for something attractive and bold, then go for vibrant colors such as a Maroon Phiran or a Turquoise Phiran. For a more subtle and sober look, a Phiran in white, cream, and beige colors look elegant.

2. Choose an embroidery

Kashmir is home to amazing and intriguing artwork. You will find an array of intricate and exceptional embroidery performed by the skilled artisans of the valley. Every embroidery is unique in itself and sure to ignite the attention of many. Heavy and light embroideries on Phiran make the garment look spectacular and royal. The exquisite options of embroideries include Aari embroidery and Zari or Tilla embroidery. These are accentuated with Jaal Paisley work, thread work, etc. in regal colours like oxidized silver.

If you explore the Angad Creations’ Phiran range, you will come across some of the most gorgeous pieces such as Dark Green Pure Wool Kashmiri Phiran with Jaal Paisley pattern, Flowy Bottle Green Velvet Phiran with Tilla Embroidery, Light Fawn Woollen Phiran with Multi-Colour Aari Work and Zari Detailing to take your heart away.

3. Select the fabric

Phiran, which was once a traditional garment made in just woollen material, today offers many more material choices to modern consumers. If you are looking forward to choosing apparel to suit a specific season or casual and formal settings, then explore Velvet Phirans. The work on the Velvet material looks even more magnificent. Once you wear something like Green Velvet Phiran with Dull Gold Zari Work or Flowy Navy Blue Velvet Phiran with Tilla Embroidery, you will always be remembered for your refined taste and classy choice.

4. Occasion

Phiran can be worn for offices, weddings and parties, and a casual day out. Tilla on velvet material is a good choice for weddings, Tilla can also work for your casual get-together, and different print designs like light Aari designs can work well for your office needs.

Wrapping up

Giving warmth and keeping the person comfortable gave Phiran an edge. Look for fascinating Phiran designs at Angad creations.