Tilla embroidery is an integral part of the Kashmiri trousseau. Done with silver and golden thread using a fine needle, the work offers incredible sheen and class. Every piece is unique with discreet Tilla embroidery and is made by a manual embroidery machine or hand. Inspired by the traditional paisley, the Kashmiri Tilla embroidery can tremendously augment the look and feel of any ethnic outfit.

Tilla Embroidered Saree is a reflection of a distinct artform and extremely hard work performed by skilled artisans from the valley. Intricate work that features a detailed design leads to the creation of an Embroidered Kashmiri Saree – A masterpiece!

The glittering hues and fascinating embroidery has left people worldwide spellbound! Here is all you need to know about this art form from Kashmir.

Tilla Artwork

Tilla is a traditional artwork of Kashmir which is used to adorn different types of costumes such as pherans, shawls, and more. Due to the exponential rise in the popularity and demand for the Tilla work, the embroidery is now also done on sarees, shalwar kameez, Nehru Jacket, and many other garments. In fact, a bride’s trousseau in Kashmir is not complete without tilla work.

Originating in the remote village of Zari in Iran, Tilla Dozi became more popular worldwide when this artform reached Kashmir. The admirers were left in awe of the exotic and dainty epoch pieces of Tilla.

Tilla artisans craft detailed and elaborate patterns using the threads to decorate original Kashmiri silk sarees. In this type of embroidery work, gold and silver metallic threads are used. Classical ornamentation has attracted the interest of many elite women.

Tilla Process

It may interest you to know how this exquisite artwork is performed! Tilla Dozi starts with designing a Naqash. The design drawn on trace paper is later perforated with the help of a needle. This process is called “Trombun”.

The duster dipped in the ink is passed through, leading to the grandiose designs of chinar leaves, paisleys, and an array of Kashmiri flowers, as a part of the “Chaamp Traavun” process.

Lastly, the threading of the Tilla is done on the fabric, and cotton thread is also used in the process to bind the work to the fabric.

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